Anthony Mattis

Junior UX Designer

Junior UX Designer executing user-centred designs and solving problems to support the bigger picture.


Anthony Mattis, an aspiring UX designer from South London (Croydon), I’ve always been genuinely interested in Design and technology from a young age. I love being creative in anything I do. As Samadara Ginige said, “Design is everywhere. From the dress you’re wearing to the smartphone you’re holding, it’s designed.” I enjoy executing user-centred designs and solving problems that can support the bigger picture.

I Studied Information technology in college and university, graduating from Middlesex University in 2020 with a first-class.

However, one thing that stood out for me in university was in my final year. I chose a module called User experience; it was all new to me, but I was interested in what I could have learned. Taking that module sparked my genuine interest in UX; it gave me an insight into what truly goes on behind designing anything humans interact with. To me, it was eye-opening and made me curious had me thinking, how could I take this further.

I am currently looking for new opportunities to grow.