GradPrentice Application

Now funded by the Entrepreneur mayor of London award. This is a Gamified learning platform combined with a social media community. Designed to help users obtain digital marketing skills in a fun way.

The Challenge

The previous training programme was inefficient due to projects taking too long to complete. In addition, trainees who took the training started at different levels of understanding within a field which took a toll on other trainees and slowed down the progress of the projects; trainers also had to give more attention to struggling members.

The solution was to create a platform where users can learn what they need according to the level at which they are, a system which would allow for better autonomy.

For the Second Phase of the GradPrentice Application, we collaborated with Gamification Nation (An Coppins expert in the industry).

After research, it was apparent that Digital marketing was the most sought-after skill in the industry due to start-ups, companies and businesses requiring this need.

In this case, it’s our job to provide a platform that can train users to acquire valuable digital marketing skills; however, the unique selling proposition is to learn in a fun way. This platform will require users to tackle many real-life tasks as a digital marketer, which they will be able to add to a portfolio of work.



  • A platform which users can use to gain valuable skills, knowledge and understanding of Digital marketing.
  • Preparing users for a role within digital marketing with real-life work tasks and evident portfolio.
  • Social media community aspect.
  • Interactive and appropriate gamification.


UX Designer

Timeline: 12 months

Team: 11

Platform: WordPress

Tools: Miro, Figma, Trello


Competitive Analysis
User Surveys
Desk Research
Site Mapping
User Journey Mapping

Low fidelity
Mid fidelity
High fidelity on Figma.

Usability Testing
User testing



GradPrentice application, training users to gain valuable experience to obtain a job within User Experience, Digital Marketing and User Interface design. This application prototype led to us being awarded a grant from the Mayor Of London to build a working beta version of the gamified learning platform.

My Challenge

I was responsible for the final development of pages and making appropriate alterations for prototypes functionality and usability ensuring critical heuristics were present, and the prototype was understandable.

Rapid 4-day agile sprint prototyping task, to develop a high-fidelity app for GradPrentice for contribution to the mayor of London’s support grant for entrepreneurial businesses.

Version 1 Prototype

Another colleague and I collaborated to make this prototype which won us the grant.


  • A prototype highlighting GradPrentice provides informative views on what they offer through personality tests, various programs, courses, and tests.
  • A community page, events page, products page and more to explore.
  • Delivered the prototype in time for final reviewing to express GradPrentice vital propositions.


Competitive Analysis

I reviewed other eLearning platforms to gauge a basic layout for the application prototype.

Desk Research

We reviewed the current business model of gradprentice to fully express key features in the prototype.


From this research, we discovered our project insights for goals.

Understood the basic layout for the Hi-fidelity wireframe, and sitemap content for each page on the application which highlights. events, courses, tests and extra content.

Prototype version 1 

Final designs

Final versions of the app delivered. 

Next Steps

With the grant now achieved, It was time to start improving the platform with Gamification Nation, using their industry expertise and guidance within gamification.

The Process

4 Phase Process

1 Understanding the clear business goals, manageable KPI’s and expectations. Our team decided to go for a digital marketing game platform, as this was most in demand at the time.

2 Researching the market and determining/defining the users for the platform. The research was conducted through social media Advertisements, Job boards such as indeed.

3  Gamification design. Building of game structure, user journey, Journey mapping, low fi development, Interview.

4 Technical implementation and testing. Game development on WordPress website with, Learn dash and Peepso.

My process followed the double diamond design model.

Understanding The Business Goals


The previous method of training was inefficient due to:

  • lack of staff in the ratio to trainees
  • Trainees would come in at different levels of skill causing projects to be delayed, due to a learning curve.
  • Too much time is spent on tasks as other members need support or further training.

Solution And Expectations

 A gamified training platform that can provide value to its users, by giving access to:

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Industry knowledge
  • A documented portfolio
  • Valuable work experience supporting real-life challenges and missions

Goals And KPI’S

The previous method of training was not efficient, due to:

After a research period, it was decided that the platform would be dedicated to upskilling digital marketers.

As a result, we need to meet these goals & KPIs:


  • A platform that can accommodate users who are looking to upskill themselves, through the use of e-learning, gamification and practical execution.
  • Providing users valuable information, awareness and experience- valued by recruiters and industry experts.
  • An efficient platform that allows for increased autonomy, to reach a broader amount of users, resulting in a decreased barrier of entry.


  • A percentage Increase in digital marketers in the job market.
  • 12,000 candidates used this platform in one year.
  • Increasing brand awareness for, sponsors, start-ups and charities who collaborate with GradPrentice’s trainees.
  • All users complete the levels of training with a final portfolio as a result.


User Surveys 

Understanding the users of this platform required finding them via Job board websites.

A Job post was constructed advertising a junior digital marketer role. During the application process, candidates were required to complete a survey, which gave us valuable information based on the candidate’s interests.

We managed to get 500+ candidates. This Survey provided us insights into job-hunting digital marketers.

We were lucky enough to be prescribed a specific survey from the Gamified UK which would allow us to understand the gamer types, of users on our platform. We discovered there were 3 top gamer types:

80% of Candidates are prominent on social media.
60% of Candidates are aware of current trends within technology.
30% of Candidates are aware of digital marketing tools.


Understanding potential users of the platform based on thematic analysis – These gamified user types influenced the game structure:

Philanthropists – Motivated by Purpose and Meaning. These users are altruistic, wanting to give to other people and enrich the lives of others in some way with no expectation of reward.

this game will give them valuable experience with real-life projects so they can get a role. 

Socialisers – Motivated by Relatedness. They want to interact with others and create social connections.- implementing a social community aspect for this user.

Achievers – Motivated by Mastery. They are looking to learn new things and improve themselves. They want challenges to overcome.

Implementation of a leader board and levelling system.

Gamification Design

Game Theme & Structure

After many brainstorming sessions, the decision was to go ahead with a mystery game based in London.

Within brainstorming the game structure came to life; it was essential to consider the best Journey for the user, so they gain value.

It was essential to interview digital marketing experts for specific insights to understand what may be required from a candidate as a Junior digital marketer.

Based on the Digital marketing experts it was implied digital marketers need to be able to:

  • Execute
  • Understand design skills
  • Able to manage time effectively
  • Have an understanding of the foundations of digital marketing
  • Experience with digital marketing software.
  • Experience in a marketing campaign 
  • Have technical Ability

These insights gave a fundamental guideline for content to be included within the game.

The decision made was to include a game with 6 levels for marketing skills:

Tools-> Rules ->Task->Execution

For engagement, users are required to execute tasks for them to learn.

1 Learning Canva 

2 Understanding Design rules

3 Given campaign projects

4 How content on social media

5 Posting on and managing Social media platforms

6 Website development – Portfolio development 

User Journey and game structure

Brainstorming on game UI designs with Mid fidelity designs.

I came up with the UI designs for the Quiz/challenge (Game) element, to challenge a user with a quiz or a visual mystery clue game.

Technical Implementation And Testing

WordPress & Learndash & PeepSo

Development of the platform – Early stages

Based on what we created on Figma we started to design on WordPress using Peepso plugin for socialisers

The final goal, users will have a complete working portfolio with projects based on real projects.

This is all game as they will be playing a detective role who is spying on companies with an alias – spy digital marketer



Version 1 was launched on the 26th of April 2021

Further Documentation and development in progress