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Rapid prototyping for Gradprentice application, for the Mayor of London, which showcases their business, provides insight on what they do, and other features.

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The Challenge

I was contacted on late notice for an emergency to support develop this prototype by the CEO of Gradprentice, as I have had previous prototyping experience with Figma – I was the best person for the job at the time.

I was responsible for the final development of pages and making appropriate alterations for prototypes functionality and usability ensuring key heuristics were present, and the prototype was understandable.

Rapid 4-day agile sprint prototyping task, to develop a hi-fidelity app for Gradprentice for contribution to the mayor of London’s support grant for entrepreneurial businesses.


UI Designer

Timeline: 4 Days 

Team: 2

Platform: Figma

Tools: Miro


Competitive analysis
Desk research

High fidelity on Figma.

Usability Testing
User testing


  • A prototype that highlights Gradprentice, and provides informative views on what they offer, through personality tests, various programs and courses, tests.
  • A community page, Events page, products page and more to explore.
  • Delivered the prototype in time for final reviewing to express Gradprentice key propositions.

The Process


Rapid 4-day sprint, as a result, required quick runs of iterations and reviewing.  repeating on the second diamond of developing and delivering as we already knew what was required to define in the designs.

My process followed the double diamond design model.


Competitive Analysis

Reviewing eLearning platforms to gauge a basic layout for the application prototype.

Desk Research 

Reviewing the current business model of gradprentice to fully express key features in the prototype.   


From this research, we discovered our project insights for goals.

Understood the basic layout for the Hi-fidelity wireframe, and sitemap content for each page on the application which highlights. events, courses and  Tests and extra content.

Design & Final Results

Final designs

Final versions of the app delivered. 

Final Results

I was able to make the required changes accordingly to provide an informative, functional application prototype for Gradprentice. The Team was happy with the prototype, and we managed to get the grant fund! 

Takeaway's & Next steps


  • Quality and Quantity– There needs to be a balance as spending too much time on the other may make issues, as changes may need to be made and the deadline needs to be met.
  • Make it – it does not have to be perfect, just have it done and adapt/ refine along the way



  • This project was very time challenging it required working under pressure to deliver a functional informative prototype, before the grant proposal submission. It was a swift project and required many changes to the UI to ensure the UX was to meeting Gradpretice’s goalsensuring the layout was familiar and understandable, correct heuristics were used, and provided value. Being able to take feedback from testing and put it to use was critical for the success of the app’s prototype.

What could be improved

  • The final UI Layout could have been improved for a cleaner and higher-quality look, however, different projects require different focus points at times, for this project it was key to highlight the functionality and purpose of the prototype.

Next Steps

  • Managed to secure a grant from the mayor of London of £4000! to contribute to finalising and improving this application.